Build Your First Integromat Scenario

By Andy O'Neil

Training Overview

In this multi-part training series, I will show you how to build your first Integromat scenario. Anyone with an Integromat account can complete this training series. That is because this series  does not require the use of any third-party applications that require an authenticated connection, because it relies on Integromat’s built-in modules and data store.

During this training series we will cover the following concepts:

  1. Creating a scenario
  2. Using the Integromat builder

This training series will utilize the following Integromat modules:

  1. Weather » Get daily weather forecast
  2. Email » Send Me an Email
  3. Units » Convert a Value Between Units
  4. Math » Evaluate a Math Expression
  5. JSON » Parse JSON
  6. CSV » Parse CSV
  7. Data Store » Add / Replace a record
  8. Data Store » Search Records

Available Lessons


Andy O'Neil has been building automated workflows and writing technical documentation since 2005. He is a Registered Integromat Partner, and has used the Integromat platform since 2017.

Andy is the Owner / Founder of Weblytica, LLC and provides Premium Integromat Support for Integromat users around the world.

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